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Doing the dirty work eventually pays off

Aalborg, Denmark. September Deadline for abstracts: 1. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. How to Cite. Kyed, M. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies , 3 1 , Vol 3 No 1 It was his first victory as a fashion designer. Congratulations on your new job! How excited are you about this new opportunity? Thank you so much! I actually couldn't be more excited. Not just have I gotten a job those are rare if you're a designer but it's also THE job. TOMWOOD is not only a really cool brand with tons of potential, but also a place with fantastic work ethics and open mindedness for a freak like me.

To take on a job like this, as a still quite young designer, can be a nerve-racking move for many. How do you feel? Any tips on how to gain or maintain confidence in the world of fashion? As a designer, if you're not feeling on edge at every moment, that's when you should be worried. I like the feeling of not knowing and discovering challenges, and I take great pride in finding creative solutions, both in concepts and commercial businesses.

For me, it has always been a good thing to believe in the power of overly exposed confidence.

Concepts and Identities

Being proud of my accomplishments and not caring about everything else that's said and done around me. You're going to design for a brand with an already established style and identity.

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What's the most important thing to take in consideration for a task like that? It all depends on what kind of brand you're aiming for. Every place has its own history and has gone through different processes to get where they are today. Some want to stay in the environment they've already created, while others aim for something new or at least strive to change old habits.

To me, this is gold! Research in organizational behavior , vol.

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    Stolen Child

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    Concepts and Identities

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