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Applied modeling of combustion development of hydrocarbonic-air mixtures Abstract: The article describes modeling task statement of optical radiation flux of fuel-air hydrocarbonic mixtures explosion at an initial stage of development on an example of coal mines atmosphere. Parameters of coal mines atmosphere are considered.

Applied Combustion

The process of ignition and combustion of methane-air mixtures in coal mines atmosphere is analyzed. The approach to the decision of applied modeling problem for determining of change in time of optical radiation of combustion methane-air mixture is offered. Initial data for modeling carrying out are formulated.

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    Combustion Thermodynamics Part-1

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    Scope and objectives The objectives of the APCISS-1 are to expose the attending students to the domain of combustion science with strong applications to fire safety. Specific objectives are to expose attendants to: High quality lectures in combustion; Hands-on training in combustion-based fire safety aspects, including experimental and numerical workshops; and Form research and collaboration networks.

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