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Expanding deserts in the north are also reducing animal habitats. The good news is that the Chinese government has created more than 1, reserves to protect plant and animal species. The giant panda lives in the misty mountains of central China and nowhere else on Earth. They can usually be found in thick bamboo forests, where they feast on the leaves of this woody evergreen plant.

China is ruled by a very powerful central government.

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A huge workforce and lots of natural resources have driven economic change. In the last 20 years, China has changed faster than any other country in the world. Chinese history is divided into dynasties, each of which marks the period when a line of emperors ruled. The first empire was the Qin dynasty and began in B. The last emperor was overthrown in , and China became a republic. The communist government began its rule in following a civil war with the Chinese Nationalists.

Ancient China was a land of invention.

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For centuries, China was much more advanced than most other countries in science and technology, astronomy and maths. The Chinese invented paper, the magnetic compass, printing, tea porcelain, silk and gunpowder, among other things. While you wait for it to be checked and approved why not to add a pre-selected message and a cool badge. Since the dawn of time, humans sought the way for more efficient vertical transportation of freight and passengers to different levels. These devices for transport goods up and down represent first elevators. Elevator history begins several hundred years before Christ.

The earliest elevators were called hoists. They were powered by human and animal power, or sometimes water-driven mechanisms.

They were in use as early as the 3rd century BC. Modern elevators were developed during the s.

These crude elevators slowly evolved from steam driven to hydraulic power. The first hydraulic elevators were designed using water pressure as the source of power. They were used for conveying materials in factories, warehouses and mines.

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Hydraulic elevators were often used in European factories. Otis established a company for manufacturing elevators and went on to dominate the elevator industry. Today the Otis Elevator Factory is the world's largest manufacturer of vertical transport systems. Motor technology and control methods evolved rapidly and electricity quickly became the accepted source of power. The safety and speed of these elevators were significantly enhanced. Pope Gregory IV declared war on cats in the 13th Century. He said that black cats were instruments of Satan. Because of this belief, he ordered the extermination of these felines throughout Europe.

However, this plan backfired, as it resulted in an increase in the population of plague-carrying rats. Her name was Mary Sawyer. She was an year-old girl and lived in Boston and one day was followed to school by her pet lamb. In the late s, she helped raise money for an old church by selling wool from the lamb. The 37th president of the United States and the only president to resign from office actually was an extremely talented musician. He played five instruments in total : piano, saxophone, clarinet, accordion, and violin.

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Forget Ibuprofen. In , it was sold as a cure for indigestion by an Ohio physician named John Cook. The more you know. Before the 16th president took office, Abraham Lincoln was declared a wrestling champion. He earned a reputation for this in New Salem, Illinois, as an elite fighter. July 4th is not the real American Independence Day. It is actually July 2nd because this is when the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia actually voted to approve a resolution of independence. Besides being a wrestling champ, Lincoln was also a licensed bartender. In , the 16th president opened up a bar called Berry and Lincoln with his friend William F.

Berry in New Salem, Illinois. Interestingly enough, George Washington is the only president to date who has not lived in the White House. The first face to appear on this currency was Salmon P. While Edison did have an astonishing 1, patents , the majority of these were not of his own invention. He stole most of them. While he did land the patent for the light bulb in , the real inventor was actually Warren de la Rue, a British astronomer and chemist, who actually created the very first light bulb forty years before Edison.

The real creator was more likely to be Francis Hopkinson from New Jersey, who signed the Declaration of Independence and also designed many seals for the U. The first car actually was created in the 19th Century when European engineers Karl Benz and Emile Levassor were working on automobile inventions. Benz patented the first automobile in After his term, Washington opened a whiskey distillery. Yes, Ronald Reagan was deeply interested in astrology. Both he and Nancy were, actually.

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And if you were curious, Ronald Reagan was an Aquarius—though the cosmos never influenced any policy decisions on his part, he reassured. Many myths about Washington exist, but one of the most prevalent stories has to be about his teeth. This is not the case at all. While Washington did have numerous dental problems and did use dentures, wood, as a material, was never used.

On July 4th, , both U. They were once fellow patriots turned adversaries, and they were also the last surviving members of the original American revolutionaries. No, this European explorer did not discover America. Columbus was years too late. In fact, it was the Norse explorer Leif Erikson who landed on American shores during the 10th century.

Erikson could be considered the first European to discover America. The witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, lasted between February and May Nearly people were accused of practicing witchcraft, including the homeless, the elderly, and a four-year-old girl. The majority were jailed, and some were hanged.

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But none of these people ever got burned alive.